Footwear Innovation Summit

Footwear Innovation Summit

Our Mission

The Footwear Innovation Summit founded by FMNII brings together a community of global technology leaders and footwear experts to share insights on the integration of emerging technology for footwear creation, manufacturing and business processes. The key initiative of each Summit is to lead and inform about Digital Transformation and Sustainable Sourcing for the improvement of the footwear industry. The variety of speakers are global technology leaders and footwear brands. Together – the speakers engage in a thorough exploration of the challenges that are faced by the footwear industry and the future solutions that will help evolve the footwear industry with emerging technologies.

Event Themes

3D Scanning and Printing

Biomechanics and Fitting

Digital Creation

Digitizing Supply Chain and Retail

Smart Manufacturing

Sustainable Sourcing


"I had the great pleasure of attending the Footwear Innovation Summit in LA earlier this month, and first, I must say what you and the team at FMNII are doing to bring this industry to a high standard of innovation is nothing short of herculean."

-Aaron Roubitchek

Founder, Loafs Footwear (and Googler)

“Best of luck with the Shenzhen Summit. I told the Aldo teams both in Montreal and our Aldo Far East office how informative the LA summit was.”

-Regina Hoffmann

Senior Manager Product Engineering, Footwear Product Development & Design, Aldo

“You did such a great job! It is now one of my favorite events of the year.”

-Mitch Harvey

3D Innovation Manager, Deckers Brands

“Thanks for putting on such a great event!”

-Chris Bellamy

Senior Engineer, Product Development and Manufacturing, Wiivv

“The event was very much well organized; every single point has a connection to the other.”

-Massimo Bettio

VP of Product Development and Production Footwear, Tory Burch

“It was a pleasure to participate in the event. The quality of the speakers and attendees was both quite impressive.”

-Susan Olivier

VP, WW Business Development, Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Solutions, Dassault Systèmes