From startups to global brands, we enable your brand's success and accelerate innovation.

Success through our unique approach

We execute an end to end quality mindset to enable footwear brands success with Product R&D, Manufacturing and Innovation through the latest digital transformation and sustainable sourcing technologies.

End to end quality mindset

Enabling and executing

Technical Capability

Fit & comfort, Performance, Innovation

Rich Supplier Resources

Asia based Developing and Commercializing

Digital Creation Enabler

3D Modeling, Visualization and Prototyping

Sustainable Sourcing

Material and Manufacturing

Our approach

Results oriented

We assist in Design, Development, Production & Quality, Innovation, Digital Creation Fulfillment & Enabling, and Sustainable Sourcing Enabling.

FMNII services



aesthetics, fit & comfort, performance, manufacturability, and cost

Production & Quality

quality management, planning, logistics


material & compound, process, construction, machinery

Digital Creation Fulfillment & Enabling

virtual sampling, 3D training, leading system of digital material

Sustainable Sourcing Enabling

sustainable material database, manufacturing process

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