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What We do

FMNII work with the world's leading fashion footwear and apparel, brands and suppliers in building a platform for a sustainable and transparent fashion industry

Our approach

We build sustainable material database online platform, by collecting useful information from supplier, to learn from data and drive the sustainability in the industry

Areas we focus

We are connecting with the whole supply chain including brands, T1, T2, T3, T4, 3rd parties, testing company and non profit making company in the footwear industry to explore the future of the sustainability. Smart sourcing is the ways to go





Online Material Database

To collect sustainable materials for searching and business transaction, target achieving a smart sourcing model –
“Finding all material online”

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Image by CoWomen

Consulting Service

To support brand, supplier, any company would like to develop sustainability but know nothing to do, we provide consulting on material resources, material certification, new material exploration. Even offering training class, we work with experts in the supplier chain to tailor made knowledge course to help people understanding more what sustainability is in the industry

Personalized Strategic Plan

Would like to encourage your supplier pool involving more in sustainability but not sure how to do, FMNII would provide tailor made plan and work with your supplier to get a series of sustainable related certification

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