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We help our clients create change that matters:
the digital material system, material scanning, 3D modeling, 3D display,
and virtual fitting technology through capabilities.

Digital Material System/ swatchbook


The Future of Materials

Swatchbook Material Lifecycle Management (MLM) is the future of materials. It is a cloud platform that revolutionizes the exploration, visualization and sharing of materials


We recognized that we needed to offer unique elements to swatchbook users. So we focused on and perfected the material exploration user experience, how our customers visualize their materials, and finally how they share and interact with their data.


We’ve figured out where brands like yours can gain the best ROI. We know what the biggest challenges are and what the bottom line is. Unlike other platforms out there, swatchbook is about real materials. It’s about connecting brands with their suppliers with NO integration services. This is about saving you time for go-to-market initiatives, and ultimately saving you and your suppliers’ money and resources.

Material Scanning and Capturing/ Vizoo

Vizoo Sacnner

Vizoo Material Scanner

Visual material data captured with xTex can now easily be imported with V-Stitcher and Lotta.
Profit from the realism of measured texture information and a fast and simple workflow to create seamless textures.


With xTex material capturing is as easy as with a flatbed scanner. However, you obtain a lot more information about the material, such as correct color, reflectivity (specular map), surface orientation (normal map) and transparency. A scan typically takes less than 2 minutes and the output is up to 1200 dpi in resolution.


Our software offers the most intuitive and effective tools to make textures seamless. You can use automatic tiling features and even create synthetic materials from the scan data. And the tiling preview window helps you to check the quality down to the smallest detail – in real-time.

3D Modeling Service & Course


•Modeling Service

We offer the best modeling technics for your projects with the best combination of price and quality. We model thinking of its final use, bringing Optimal Topology to your products. Low or High Polycount, UV maps, Texture Baking and Pre-made Actions for all Your Designs.


•Modeling Course

It is a well-known fact that most major athletic footwear companies have integrated Modo into their design workflows. This course will give you a firm understanding of how to model an athletic shoe using a well proven and perhaps the easiest method within Modo, Topology.

3D Display Solution / Sketchfab


Sketchfab’s 3D Viewer

Sketchfab’s 3D Viewer makes interactive 3D models viewable anywhere on the web. Our technology is integrated with every major 3D creation tool and publishing platform. It’s compatible with every major web browser, operating system, and device.


Enhance your eCommerce experience with interactive 3D models that allow shoppers to truly engage with your products online and increase conversions on your website. Our 3D Viewer supports Physically Based Rendering (PBR) which creates photorealistic rendering. We are compatible with all major eCommerce platforms (for instance, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce).

Virtual Fitting Solution / FMAS

The Perfect Fit Recommendation

Find Me A Shoe

Our fit recommendation offers the best size that fits your customer's foot. Fit quality score allows customers to compare different footwear models and sort them if required. Color coded fit information is the visual equivalent of trying on shoes. Our aim is to help shoppers make a purchase decision and provide post-purchase satisfaction. In other words, we help you sell satisfaction along with the shoes.


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